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   * Date: 18th of February 2018   * Date: 18th of February 2018
-  * Location: ETH Zurich, CAB building+  * Location: ETH Zurich, CAB H52
   * Pictures by [[r>/​u/​riocc|/​u/​riocc]]:​ [[ri>​7ynyx3|on Reddit]], [[im>​xv2sm#​dxKxbAR|on Imgur]]   * Pictures by [[r>/​u/​riocc|/​u/​riocc]]:​ [[ri>​7ynyx3|on Reddit]], [[im>​xv2sm#​dxKxbAR|on Imgur]]
   * [[ri>​7qn9av|Reddit:​ Announcement]]   * [[ri>​7qn9av|Reddit:​ Announcement]]
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