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5th Meetup: Registration

Registration is voluntary, but appreciated, since we'd like to know with how many people we have to expect. No real names are needed.

Hint: You should be able to edit this (and only this) page without registering a wiki account. In that case, your IP address will show up in the change log.

Will come as visitor without keyboard

  1. Venty
  2. add yourself in the line above, starting with two blanks and a dash like this line

Will come and bring some keyboards

Who Brings these Keyboards Brings other stuff For Sale/Trade
Axel (XTaran) Ducky One TKL, Tex Yoda II, Niz Plum84, Vortex Race 3, Sharkoon Skiller Mech SGK 2, Ducky MIYA Pro, Cherry G80-2100 Logitech MX Ergo (Trackball), unfinished KBD19X
Cedric (RIOC) MOON intl. (lubed MX Silent Black, GMK YURI) / E6-V2 FE (MX Silent Black, GMK Red Samurai) / Keycult No 1 (lubed retooled MX Black, GMK Grìseann) / Fr87 (if ready, GMK Solarised Dark) / M60-A (if ready, MT3 Elven) / M65-A (lubed 78g Zealios R4, GMK HFO) / Polycarbonate Singa R2 & 1-2 requests you if someone's interested in seeing a specific board or keyset TBD
Stephan (/u/savf) KBD8X, Acrylic Let's Split, 2015 Planck, 60% ALPS Keyboard Name Tags & Trading Cards (to sell/trade mk-related goods)
Marcel (/u/myyrddraal) QMK MF68, GH80-3000 (overlubed MX Clears), stone finish Dactyl-Manuform (Skies v2.2), ugly Dactyl 5×6 (Box Whites), less ugly Dactyl 4×6, Speccy+ Extend (if ready), rainbow DSA KBDX4(Box Jades) TBD
Martin (japanitrat) E8-V1 FE (MAO), E6-V2 FE (Brass), M60-A (Sage or Lake), M65-A (Silver), CA-66 (Army Green), B.face (black & transparent), Exent (TBD) Switches, Springs, Zealencios, Purple 5deg case (with silencing foam)
Timo (/u/faxe360) whatever fits into 8kg handluggage, most likely White TX87 Stabilizers
Gabriel (typischt) Not sure, what I will be able to bring. Potential candidates: Canoe (MAO,not finished yet), ALF x1.1 (if it arrives in time), CA66 (grey), Weaven (pink)
Marius (u/heckin_good_fren) Tofu,Catch22
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