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5th Meetup: Who brings What?

Who Brings these Keyboards Brings other stuff
Axel (XTaran) Ducky One TKL, Tex Yoda II, Niz Plum84, Vortex Race 3, Sharkoon Skiller Mech SGK 2, Ducky MIYA Pro, Cherry G80-2100 Logitech MX Ergo (Trackball), unfinished KBD19X
Cedric (RIOC) MOON TKL (intl.), E6-V2 FE, Keycult No 1, Fr87 (if ready), M60-A (if ready), and 1-2 requests you if someone's interested in seeing a specific board or keyset TBD
Stephan (/u/savf) KBD8X, Acrylic Let's Split, 2015 Planck, 60% ALPS Keyboard Name Tags
Marcel (/u/myyrddraal) QMK MF68, GH80-3000 (overlubed MX Clears), Dactyl-Manuform (Skies v2.2), Dactyl 5×6 (Box Whites), Dactyl 4×6, Speccy+ Extend (if ready), self-designed Planck layout (burnt orange) TBD
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