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5th Swiss Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts Meetup

When and Where?

Date and Time

  • Saturday, 8th of December 2018
  • starting at 13:00
  • estimated end around 17:00


  • CCCZH Hackerspace "Röschtibach", Röschibachstr. 26, 8037 Zürich-Wipkingen
  • In case of too many registrations we also have the option to switch to a bigger room in the same building. We will put up direction signs in that case. Alternative room kindly offered by revamp-it.


To estimate the amount of participants, it would be nice to register yourself here in the wiki in case you intend to come and especially if you intend to bring some keyboards.

What to expect?

  • lots of mechanical keyboards (modern and vintage)
  • other mechanical keyboard enthusiasts
  • maybe a keyboard-related talk or two
  • maybe some key cap grab bags
  • maybe a raffle
  • maybe a typing speed contest
  • a lots of clicks and clacks


Historical Data

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