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Axel Beckert We have a date! Remainder blatantly copied from the previous meetup :-)
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Axel Beckert [Historical Data] Announcement links
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   * [[ri>​cj427s|Announcement of date survey on Reddit]]   * [[ri>​cj427s|Announcement of date survey on Reddit]]
   * [[https://​​XTaran/​status/​1156000698485489667|Announcement of date survey on Twitter]]   * [[https://​​XTaran/​status/​1156000698485489667|Announcement of date survey on Twitter]]
 +  * [[ri>​cm317o|Announcement on Reddit]]
 +  * [[https://​​XTaran/​status/​1158168519080665089|Announcement on Twitter]]
 ==== Press Review ==== ==== Press Review ====
   * [[https://​​de/​page/​du-magst-mechanische-tastaturen-triff-gleichgesinnte-in-zuerich-12876|Article about the date survey in the Digitec blog]]   * [[https://​​de/​page/​du-magst-mechanische-tastaturen-triff-gleichgesinnte-in-zuerich-12876|Article about the date survey in the Digitec blog]]
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