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6th Swiss Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts Meetup

When and Where?

Date and Time

  • Sunday, 22 September 2019
  • starting at 13:00
  • estimated end around 17:00


Directions to the Venue

If possible, try to come by public transport. The parking situation around the venue is limited (or expensive).

Markers on this map:

  • Green field: Venue
  • Yellow arrow: Tram station “Wipkinger Platz” of tram line no. 13.
  • Blue field: free parking under the bridge on Sundays, but only like ten parking slots
  • Blue arrow: Blue Zone parking is free on Sundays, but usually already full.
  • Green arrow: Underground garage (needs paying, closes at 20:00, expensive: up to CHF 5 per hour)
  • Red arrow: Don't use, they're quick with issuing tickets! (Short term parking for ATM customers only.)


To estimate the amount of participants, it would be nice to register yourself here in the wiki in case you intend to come and bring some keyboards.

What to expect?

  • over 70 mechanical keyboards (modern, vintage, custom, self-built, …)
  • some keyboards for sale (vintage keyboards from revamp-it and others)
  • other mechanical keyboard enthusiasts
  • maybe a keyboard-related talk
  • one or more key cap grab bags
  • maybe a typing speed contest
  • a lots of clicks and clacks


  • Axel (/u/xtaran): Room, Date Survey, Announcements, Wiki
  • Stephan (/u/savf): Label and Trading Cards, Logo design

Historical Data

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