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6th Meetup: Registration

Registration is voluntary, but appreciated, since we'd like to know with how many keyboards (and people) we have to expect. No real names are needed.

Hint: You should be able to edit this (and only this) page without registering a wiki account. In that case, your IP address will show up in the change log.

Who will come and bring some keyboards?

Who Brings these Keyboards Brings other stuff For Sale/Trade
Axel (XTaran) Ducky One TKL (Cherry MX Clear, QMX clips, KAT Alpha), Tex Yoda II (stock keycaps + custom OS and Escape keycaps, Cherry MX Brown, QMX clips + o-rings), Niz Plum84 (35g EC, Keyreative Vulcan Glow in Dark), Vortex Race 3 (Cherry MX Silent Red, Hasbro XDA Scrabble), Zlant (Kailh Box Royal, SA Vilebloom), MiniVan Catalyst (Zealios v2 67g, plateless hotswap, GMK Paperwork), Keebio Fourier (Kailh Box Royal, DSA Light Cycle “Control the System”), Vortex Core (Cherry MX Blue, stock DSA key caps), Vortex Tab90M (Cherry MX Blue, stock VSA key caps), Uniqey C70 (retooled Cherry MX Black, QMX clips, GMK Carbon), GMMK TKL (hotswap/Massdrop × Invyr Holy Pandas, DSS Dolch), Ducky MIYA Pro “Panda” (MX Clear, QMX clips), 40% (Gateron Yellows, Maxkey SA Orange on Dolch), XD75re (5° case, Outemu Sky v2.2 68g, DSA), HHKB Pro 2 (Topre), Cherry G80-2100 (vintage MX Black + Super Black), Toshiba PA5101E (vintage, clicky red ALPS); not yet sure/finished: Kira80 aka Kira TKL, TKC-1800 KPRepublic Key Caps Grab Bag Sharkoon Skiller Mech SGK 2 (Kailh Brown)
Oli (Broken) IBM Model M late 80's None Might try to buy
Florian (The-Compiler) Tex Yoda II, Unicomp Model M, Ergodox, CODE keyboard (or a subset thereof, depending on space in my backpack) Possibly all of those except Tex Yoda II - please contact me in advance:
Theodric IBM 4074 Pingmaster (Alps SKCC Green, Soarer’s Controller), Apple M0115 (Alps SKCM Salmon), Apple M0116 (Alps SKCM Orange), Compaq 11800 (vintage Cherry MX Brown), Ducky One 2 TKL (Cherry MX Brown), CP Clare Parallel (spooky noises) Maybe an HP-85 and/or Kaypro II (vintage SMK), depending on space No specific plans but might have a couple vintagey boards
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