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6th Meetup: Registration

Registration is voluntary, but appreciated, since we'd like to know with how many keyboards (and people) we have to expect. No real names are needed.

Hint: You should be able to edit this (and only this) page without registering a wiki account. In that case, your IP address will show up in the change log.

Who will come and bring some keyboards?

Who Brings these Keyboards Brings other stuff For Sale/Trade
Axel (XTaran) Ducky One TKL (Cherry MX Clear, QMX clips, Tai-Hao PBT OEM Orange & Black), Tex Yoda II (Cherry MX Brown, QMX clips, GMK Yoda), Niz Plum84 (35g EC, Keyreative Vulcan Glow in Dark), Vortex Race 3 (Cherry MX Silent Red, Hasbro XDA Scrabble), Zlant (Kailh Box Royal, SA Vilebloom), MiniVan Catalyst (Zealios v2 67g, plateless hotswap, GMK Paperwork), Keebio Fourier (Kailh Box Royal, DSA Light Cycle “Control the System”), Vortex Core (Cherry MX Blue, stock DSA key caps), Vortex Tab90M (Cherry MX Blue, stock VSA key caps), Uniqey C70 (retooled Cherry MX Black, QMX clips, GMK Carbon), GMMK TKL (hotswap/Massdrop × Invyr Holy Pandas, DSS Dolch), Varmilo VA87M “Panda” (MX Silent Black), 40% (Gateron Yellows, Maxkey SA Orange on Dolch), XD75re (5° case, Outemu Sky v2.2 68g, DSA), HHKB Pro 2 (Topre), DZ60RGB in wooden case (hotswap/Zilents v2, SA Carbon), UT47.2 (hotswap/Kailh Box Jade, Tex ADA), IKBC Table E401 (Cherry MX Clear), Cherry G80-2100 (vintage MX Black + Super Black), Toshiba PA5101E (vintage, clicky red ALPS); unfinished: Kira80 aka Kira TKL KPRepublic Key Caps Grab Bag, KAT Alpha (maybe on a board), Kebo Arctos switches, mod-it PX-4985-919 thumb-controlled Trackball Sharkoon Skiller Mech SGK 2 (Kailh Brown), Ducky MIYA Pro “Panda” (MX Clear, QMX clips)
Oli (Broken) IBM Model M late 80's None Might try to buy
Florian (The-Compiler) Tex Yoda II, Unicomp Model M, Ergodox, CODE keyboard (or a subset thereof, depending on space in my backpack) Possibly all of those except Tex Yoda II - please contact me in advance:
Theodric IBM 4074 Pingmaster (Alps SKCC Green, Soarer’s Controller), Apple M0115 (Alps SKCM Salmon), Apple M0116 (Alps SKCM Orange), Compaq 11800 (vintage Cherry MX Brown), CP Clare Parallel (spooky noises), Ducky One 2 TKL (Cherry MX Brown), Keychron K2 (Gateron Blue (if it arrives)) Maybe an HP-85 and/or Kaypro II (vintage SMK), depending on space No specific plans but might have a couple vintagey boards
10t8or ~40 boards: IBM stuff (from model M, F to beamsprings), ALPS stuff (Alps SKCM Salmon, Green, Blue, D-White), Cherry stuff (G80-3500HAD, vintage blacks, etc.), Vintage stuff (lots of vintage stuff, rafi switches, spaceinvaders, you name it…), Self built stuff (cherry based, kailh choc based, etc.). → Can bring vintage computers as well, curious to see an Osborne Vixen 4? Just let me know Can sell anything, but ask me in advance what I should bring.. (@tentator on telegram)
myyrddraal Dactyl/Dactyl Manuform, custom funny non-split TKL-ish ortholinear, Mercury Rocketeer, Atom 66, Kail lo-pro boards, Chimera Ergo 42, CRKBD, MF68 with Maxkey Blue Chocolate caps, switch testers, TG3 aka cop keyboard, PLUM Cherry ML Keyboard ZX Spectrum+ keyboard replacement, Filip Can sell let's split style ortho, chimera 42/ergo/mini, crkbd, 5plit and some parts and accessories (@myyrddraal on telegram)
Howser M60-A (Zealios v2), Norbaforce (BKE Light), Grid 600 (Box Jade) More if there is room on the bike HHKB, Realforce TKL MX conversion, Plank, SA Nantucket, SA Pulse
Jlvelp Tada68, KBD8x mkII, Leopold FC750R Switches, holy/unholy pandas, ePBT keycaps, Artisans, MaxKey SA A priori nothing, but tbd :)
Vandr0iy Ergodox EZ in a modded joined bamboo case w/ box royals, the original ergodox in a self-assembled case which is currently broken w/ outemu heisenbergs, Ergodox Infinity with 4 non-working keys w/ T1s Kensington trackball, a set of kailh clears, a set of ergodox alps keycaps, a white Ergodox EZ case, a bunch of stabilizers
Rodrigob Pinky4 - -
RIOC XENO75, Element Fr87, HB-85, Keycult No.1, (maybe some others like PC-Singa R2, Moon TKL, SKOG, all brass E6-V2?) the Caps I promised myyddraal ages ago M65-A (gray, brass plate, Nilon Base, +additional pcb & alu plate), Grid 600 case (black with tritium and LED Strip top parts)
savf (Stephan) KBD 8X with Tealios and GMK Laser, USB-converted IBM Model F AT Keyboard Naming Cards, Trading Cards -
Lucien Niu Mini with Sakurios, Planck Rev 6 EOTW with Novelkeys Cream, Big Switch Linear Sony Alpha II with lenses, Tobi & Lara Keychrom K2 RGB Aluminium Gateron Brown and looking to buy 10 kailh hotswap sockets if someone has any
jeng Vortex Poker II MX Clears w/ different keycap sets custom made leather wrist pad keycaps and possibly the wrist pad, maybe interested in other keebs and/or swapping
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