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7th Meetup: Registration

Please register yourself here, mentioning if you will bring some boards to show and/or sell:

Who Brings these Keyboards Brings other stuff For Sale/Trade Wants a Table
10t8or Couple of IBM Beamsprings, Model F62 replica, QK65 wireless ANSI U4T Couple of Jellykeys artisans and a custom coiled cable Interested in a beamer? Some IBM Model F plate+pcb+controller - NCR CEC83 Orange Rafi Switches - Victor 774 Keytronic Spokane Springs - IBM 5251 - IBM 3278 - QK65 wireless ANSI U4T 65% - NovelKeys 65% clicky in frosted red melon case - couple of further 60% custom boards with T1 switches and MT3 or DSA DS caps - Various caps and switches or grab bags Yes
myyrddraal Thera 75v2, Gherkins, Mojo68 (with CopMods), Twanck, Wooden choc Corne, lubed Battleship, maybe Dacman ZX Spectrum case with choc replacements and baremetal emulator some pcbs maybe Yes
Sylvain (XCaellaX) Ikki68 Aurora R2, HHKB Pro 2, Tofu60, Corne Cherry V3, Leopold FC660M, Orange Boy Ergo Some artisans, different switches Possibly some of those keyboards Half
Stephan (savf) Pearl R1, Thermal, Planck Keyboard name tags/ trading cards, People name tags, Disinfectant Whitefox Winkeyless Batch One Half
Roman (romones) Charybdis, Avalanche v4, Sofle choc, Ferris Sweep choc. FalbaTech Ergodox MX Browns, Filco Minila Air MX Blues Half
Martin Some of: Pandora, HB85, Exent, Lin (EM8, Dolice, Dolphin), W1-AT, Neko, Tengu, Skog Reboot, AVA, UniGo66 Keysets, Switches, Sealed boards (Canoe Gen 1, Monokei Neko, Tomo SE, Owlab Spring, Xikii 1800mini)
Philippe W1-AT, Cypher R4, Rekt1800, ION Zenith, Clarabelle Some Keysets Clarabelle
Robert Iron165r2 (teal), TGR 910 v2 ME, maybe 1-2 others - KBD19X (black, 1800 layout), KBDfans 5° (red, 60%), Iron165r2 (teal), Klippe T (black), some keycaps (GMK)
Oscar Phase One, Tofu65 several switch testers-
Gianluca Charybdis, Think6.5V2, Vast 60 R2, Matrix Falcon 6XV, Sunsetter R2 - Possibly some keycap sets
IgorM Keychron Q3 (Durock POM modified), Keychron K8 Pro (Boba U4), IQUNIX ZK-75 (Gateron North Pole Yellow)- maybe
Bobby (Bubble) Assortment of sub 40% keyboards (unibody and splits) hopefully some goodies from vendors to give or raffle away possibly some bare PCBs Half
Howser Maya, Mode65, Iron165 Keycaps and Keyboards Yes
Costa Zenith Foundry
Carabal Heavy-9
Elias W1-AT, Iron180, maybe some others Blade65 maybe some Keycaps half
Guillaume Tex Shinobi (Boba U4T) and NK65 RFP Edition (Midnight Jade)
Valerio Discipline 65 v2, Discipad, (maybe) Lotus58 - - Half
scxrpion Dactyl Manuform, Erconomy V1 and maybe some others funky keyboards - DMK Ghost + Novelties Yes
Mert - - -
Dorias 3 Boards - - Half
Balz 5-8 Boards Yes
Antonio -
Stefan unfinished Kyria
Arabum97 -
Squeil Cocot46, Grin RC, one more board
Stella Keychron K6
Yves Ergodox EZ all black with Cherry MX Silent Red
Stefan (2) NIU Mini 40% with Zealios and Muliterm Portable Office Keyboard modded with Kailh Coppers KBDFANS 72-Switch tester
Daniel S.
Andrew 2 Boards - - Half
Radomir a dozen boards - - Yes
Lorenzo ADM42 - Several boards for sale Half
Jerico 1 60% Board
Lukas - - assorted keycaps/grab bags no
Pascal 2 Boards - - Half
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