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8th Swiss Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts Meetup

When and Where?

Date and Time

  • Sunday, 10th of December 2023
  • starting at 12:00
  • estimated end around 17:00

Travel Notices

There will be a sports event (the “Silvesterlauf”) on the same day in Zurich around Limmatquai. That's not that close to our venue, but depending on where you live or stay it may affect your travel to the venue, both, with public transport as well as with car, bicycle or as pedestrian. See this notice (German) by the metropolitan public transport company VBZ.


  • Zürcher Kantonalbank Offices, Neue Hard 7, Zürich
  • Coordinates: 47.38631458929775, 8.520541639128416


To estimate the amount of participants, please register yourself here in the wiki. Mention explicitly if you intend to come and bring some keyboards to show or sell.

What to expect?

Come, see and discover keyboards, meet and discuss with other enthusiasts, and try and test hot new (or old) stuff! Don't be shy and bring as many keyboards as you wish to show them to others. If you don't have any, no problem, you're more than welcome to attend the meetup. This will also be a good time to sell this board you will never use or purchase this keycap set you're dreaming of.

  • plenty of mechanical keyboards (modern, vintage, custom, self-built, …)
  • some keyboards for sale (vintage keyboards from revamp-it and others)
  • other mechanical keyboard enthusiasts
  • a lots of clicks and clacks


  • Nici: Location, Date Survey
  • Axel (/u/xtaran): Infrastructure (Wiki, Poll, Mailinglist)
  • Stephan (/u/savf): Label and Trading Cards
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