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8th Meetup: Registration

Please register yourself here, mentioning if you will bring some boards to show and/or sell:

Who Brings these Keyboards Brings other stuff For Sale/Trade Wants a Table
Your Nick What you will bring Add yourself the line above, but without the slashes - yes/no/maybe
snackage A modded Keychron Q1 ISO with an alubutyl sheet as bottom “foam” a box of Alubutyl sheets Alubutyl sheets maybe
romones Charybdis, Scylla, Avalanche Random PCBs PCBs, Printed Cases yes
Martin Exent, EM8, Monokei Neko, W1-AT, AVA, 1800mini, HB85, 8XV 3.0, Dolice, Pandora DSA Discovery prototypes Geon keyboard stands, keyboard kits, GMK keycaps yes
Deshipu Klap, Kleks, Flatreus, Vegemite Sandwich, Kamina, etc. spare PCBs - yes
PL - Let it key Tofu60 2.0, Arc60, SBL me - Not a whole table but a small part yes :)
savf (Stephan) Model F62, Pearl R1, NCR-80 Keyboard/People Name Tags - half a table is fine
armike (Mikael) Matrix 1.2 og, Matrix 2.0 add, Geon F1-722, maybe more - - yes (maybe not a full table)
Khor (Marco) Pizza65 red, Skog, Space65, Cyberboard, Pizza65 blk, compact touch, GK6, keeblade Stickers, pins, freebies (1Kg of Mortadella?) Cables, switches(?), Lily58 DIY kits yes, I can manage whatever it's available.
Sam Rama u80, Space80, Geon Frog TKL - Keyboards, Keycaps yes
Elias tbd Items for Giveaway Keyboards, Keycaps yes, at least half
Andrew Grid 650, Grid 100, Skog-Reboot, Mode SixtyFive, Lele60, (Modded HHKB Pro 2) Maybe a friend? - yes
Stefan - - - No
Nikolay - - I would like to buy keycap profile and some switches. No
Yury - - - No
Gianni TBD - Sandblasted B-Stock Hatched - 01, GMK Earth Tones Base + Baybayin yes if possible
Bubble (Bobby) Couple Small DIY Boards Item for giveaway - Less than half a table
Axel (XTaran) A box or 1½ full of 30-50% and maybe some bigger boards maybe GMK color samples maybe a 65% yes, if I can convince myself to attend
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