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Swiss Mech(anical Keyboard) Community

Upcoming Events

  • There will be a 7th Swiss Mechanical Keyboard Meetup somewhen after the COVID-19 pandemic, probably no more 2020, but hopefully in 2021.

Staying Up To Date

Mini Meetups

Occasional smaller meetups of a few community members are arranged in our Telegram group @swissmk as needed (“gotta test these switches the other guy in the chat talked about”, etc.), and announced on short notice in the Swiss Mech(anical Keyboard) Bulletin Telegram Channel @swissmkbulletin (as mentioned above).

Where to find us?

We're spread over many different community sites and chats:

… and of course as individuals in the global village called the Internet at e.g. /r/MK, Keebtalk, Geekhack and Deskthority as well as on the IRC channels #Mechboards and #deskthority on Freenode.

Some of us are also member of a hackerspace or Chaostreff in Switzerland. For example you'll find mechanical keyboard enthusiasts at Chaostreff Bern or CCCZH (Zürich).

Where to buy a Mechanical Keyboard in Switzerland?

This wiki is not meant as another mechanical keyboard ressource, look in the /r/MK Swiss Shopping Guide instead.

Where to buy Occasion Mechanical Keyboards in Switzerland?

In case you're on Telegram, there is the swissmechmarket Telegram group for buying or selling occasion keyboards from community member to community member.

You can also search in the MechMarket subreddit or in the "Marketplace » Classifieds" forum on Keebtalk for the [EU-CH] [H] tag combination.

Past Events

Press Reviews ;-)

Mechanical Keyboard Meetups Elsewhere

See meetups in the /r/MK wiki for a world-wide overview.

"Near-By" Meetups

Meetups at the Chaos Communication Congress/Camp

There's usually also a Mechanical Keyboard Meetup at every Chaos Communication Congress which takes place from 27th to 30th of December every year. The according meetups are documented in the wiki of each particular Chaos Communication Congress:

Wiki Administrativa

By default new users can't create new pages anymore in this wiki to reduce spam attacks. In case you want these privileges, please contact Axel Beckert either by e-mail at or @xtaran via Telegram, via Mastodon, or via Twitter.

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